iCube is at the forefront of emerging trends in technology, consistently pushing the boundaries of possibility. We evaluate and modify our best practices to remain a pioneer in the field of virtual reality while employing the brightest of TTU’s students. As the nature of content delivery and technological capability continue to evolve, our innovative students are our most valuable resources.

iCube has extensive experience in the creation and implementation of public policy campaigns. With ongoing nationally recognized programs since our grand opening three years ago, iCube’s commitment to achievement and impeccable track record speak for themselves. iCube uses cutting edge technology and modern marketing techniques to bring much needed attention to our campaigns and the needs of our clients.

iCube is a leader in using technology to solve complex public policy problems. We accomplish the goals of our clients through critical thinking, long term solutions, and by leveraging the talents of our interdisciplinary team. The students, faculty, and staff of iCube use marketing strategies and emerging technologies such as virtual reality to advance collaborative solutions for education, training, public policy campaigns, and other statewide, regional, statewide, regional, and national initiatives.